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Each of the orgones are carefully handmade by artisans at Arte Orgones, based in Santiago, Chile. Nestled at the base of the Andes Mountains, our artists ensure that each symbol is created with precious stones and natural materials that give a unique meaning and energy to the jewelry designs. The pendant can be removed and added to other types of necklaces, and the hypoallergenic, cotton necklace that it comes with is adjustable.

Part of our COLLECTION of orgonite necklaces in Amazon

Each pendant is hand-crafted with crystals that give it a unique purpose, which is to provide well-being protection and healing energy that contribute its composition and generate optimal levels of energy. Recommended for daily use.

Designs of necklaces and BRACELETS Art Orgones Amazon

Advantages of the Orgone

  • Long necklaces adjustable to your style
  • Lightweight, weighs approximately 25 grs.
  • Perforated, you can change your cord.
  • Hypoallergenic cotton cord.
  • It contains resin, bronze metals, aluminum, tin, copper.
  • Handmade in Chile.
  • Orgonitas Bracelets in copper or macrame
  • Recommended for all types of people who are exposed to electromagnetic pollution, as it is a powerful EMF shield. As well as people who practice yoga, kundalini, reiki, holistic therapies, meditation, alternative therapies, mindfulness.

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